Galaxy S8 glass screen protector

There are some  feedback  of  Galaxy Samsung  S8/S8 plus 3D glass protector produced by some manufactures. A :S8/S8 Plus screen is very smooth , it is polished much more for this latest. If with normal glue on screen will slide when touch it .  B: There will be glue residue when install case-friendly 3D glass especially for transparent . C: lots of S8/S8 3D full glass protectors’  edge is not flat, it is because some manufactures  are less of experience for such curved glass structure as [...]

The latest tempered glass replacement

As for the tempered glass came to the market years before,it became popular.But it is fragile and easy to crack when get some shock , even hurt finger .Some manufactures are looking for material for safe use. Later, there come the so called explosion-proof film, combine the TPU and PET , PET has better anti-shock than TPU, but TPU is soft and flexible. Such film is usually 0.33mm-0.42mm thick, reduce the sensitivity when touch screen and like plastics in some [...]